When you come across the online store to look for a GPS tracker, do you notice that the vendors normally asked for a subscription in their APP for expensive monthly fee?

It’s quite common for GPS tracker vendors to offer subscription plans along with their devices. These subscription plans often come with additional features and services that enhance the functionality and usability of the GPS tracker. While the initial cost of the device might be a one-time purchase, the subscription fees typically cover ongoing services such as real-time tracking, historical location data, geofencing capabilities, and other advanced features.

Here are some reasons why vendors may charge a monthly subscription fee:

Server and Data Costs: Maintaining servers to handle the real-time tracking data and storing historical location information can incur ongoing costs for the GPS tracking service provider.
Continuous Service Improvement: Subscription fees may contribute to ongoing improvements and updates to the tracking platform, ensuring users have access to the latest features and technology.
Customer Support: A portion of the subscription fee might go towards providing customer support services, helping users troubleshoot issues, and offering assistance with any questions or concerns.
Enhanced Features: Some advanced features, such as extended historical data storage, detailed reporting, and geofencing alerts, may be exclusive to subscribers.

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