GPS Tracker & GPS Tracking Platform  OEM & ODM

Customize GPS Trackers And Tracking Platform Catering Your Requirement

Various Styles and Multi-functional GPS Trackers

We can provide a variety of customization of GPS trackers to meet your diverse needs and help your business grow.

IoT Sim Card

We provide IoT Sim Cards that are suitable for a variety of devices, making it easier to connect multiple devices and assets in series for easy management and use. Of course, you can customize your own Sim Card

Tracking APP & Platform

You could build your own tracking system with Protrack, proceeding as Function Listing, Server Configuration, Software Installation, and Portal Developing.

We provide the best ODM/OEM services for our customers worldwide

With over 8 years of experience customize GPS products and develop GPS service platform,  you can trust us with your business.


We offers a comprehensive suite of ODM and OEM services for GPS trackers, providing you with a diverse range of options. You can opt to modify and adapt our existing device designs to align with your specific business requirements, or you can present your unique specifications for us to design a product that precisely meets your needs. Our team of expert engineers will engage with you to fully understand your custom ideas, quantity requirements, product application, budget, and timeline. With this mutual understanding as the foundation, we will recommend the most suitable solution and collaborate with you to develop a customized design that fulfills your demands.

Tracking App & Platform Service

We offers customized solutions for GPS tracker platforms, tailored to your specific branding requirements, device compatibility needs, and account capacity. We provide demo accounts for you to experience and utilize our platform firsthand, enabling you to swiftly grasp its capabilities and the advantages of our services. This hands-on approach empowers you to effectively plan your own branded platform, unlocking greater potential for business expansion and enhancement.

Take a experience at the variety of services we offer

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Protarck OEM & ODM Process

We offer brand customization services in just a few simple steps, which will help your product stand out with your brand personality.

Provide Your Requirements Like Appearance & Structure

Grounded in the specific application and functional requirements of a particular GPS tracking device solution, our designers and engineers collaborate seamlessly to establish the product ID, MD structure, prototype, tooling, and assembly guide.

Keep Communication during HW & SW Developing

In tandem with the industrial design and mechanical design teams, our hardware and software teams collaborate closely on component selection and functional development for the GPS tracker. This process encompasses PCBA design, SCM software development, board testing, and PCBA production. We will keep in contact during the development.

Package And Delivery

While some customers prefer to design packaging from scratch, in most cases, you can create your own design efficiently by leveraging our existing materials. These materials include gift box diecuts, user manuals, warranty cards, and accessory lists, providing you with a convenient starting point to tailor your packaging to your specific branding and marketing needs.

How to ship Internationally

To accommodate the varying volume and weight of GPS tracker orders, we offer four commonly used international shipping methods that strike a balance between time and cost:

Express Courier

For goods less than 500kg, it’s the fastest shipping way, which takes 5 to 10 days directly from factory to your doorsteps.

Air Freight

For goods over 500kg, it’s more cost-saving than Express Courier, taking 5 to 10 days from China to most destination airports.

Railway Freight

Half the time of Sea Freight while much cheaper than Air Freight to countries alongside the New Eurasian Land Bridge.

Sea Freight

Either FCL or LCL, it’s the cheapest but also the slowest way, which takes 15 to 60 days from China to most destination ports.

Frequently Asked Questions About OEM/ODM Service

If you don’t find your question in the list, feel free to contact us directly.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) can vary depending on the specific customization requirements of each GPS tracker OEM or ODM project. To discuss your specific needs and determine the MOQ for your project, please feel free to connect with us HERE.

During our initial discussions, we will gather information about your product application, custom requirements, quantity needs, budget, and timeline. Based on this mutual understanding, our sales engineer will recommend the most suitable solution and provide you with an estimated project lead time.

We offer customization services for our existing GPS tracking platform to align with your specific application requirements. Additionally, we have the capability to develop a new tracking system from the ground up, ensuring full compatibility with Protrack-manufactured GPS trackers and tailored to your unique project needs.

Absolutely! We cater to a wide range of customers, including Brand Owners and Tracking Service Providers seeking integrated customization solutions. Additionally, we offer ready-to-sell GPS products for Quick Wholesale, providing convenience and efficiency for businesses. Our services extend to Amazon Sellers and Drop Shippers, offering comprehensive fulfillment services such as labeling, sticker application, customized packaging, and other tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

For each OEM/ODM project, we will provide you with an estimated lead time and guide you through the entire process. Once the project commences, we will confirm both the delivery date and shipping time in alignment with your specified timeline and chosen shipping method. This ensures that you are fully informed and have clear expectations regarding the delivery of your goods.

Upon generating a proforma invoice tailored to your order, you can conveniently make the payment via Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) to our company’s bank account. Additionally, we accept payments through Western Union and PayPal, although PayPal transactions may incur additional fees. For substantial orders and customized projects, we can also accommodate payment methods such as Letter of Credit (L/C) and Open Account (OA), subject to specific arrangements.

Upon receiving your inquiry, our dedicated sales team will promptly follow up to address your requirements. We are committed to providing support and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do not hesitate to reach out to us today HERE with any questions or requests you may have. Our team is eager to connect with you and explore how we can assist you in your project or business endeavor.

Get Factory-Direct Quotation

For any inquiries or requirements related to GPS tracker or tracking platform OEM and ODM projects, please do not hesitate to contact us here. Our dedicated sales team is available 24/7 , and will promptly respond to your message within 24 hours. Upon receiving your inquiry, your request will be meticulously followed up by our team, ensuring that we thoroughly understand your needs and provide tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.