With the improvement of living conditions, more and more people start to keep pets. It cannot be denied that pets are an important part of a family member. Many people put a lot of effort and affection on raising pets, so most of them are Cherish it, but pets do not have the same communication method as humans, and they are very easy to lose if they are not paying attention. At present, most of the smart pet GPS tracking collars can effectively solve this problem.

Smart pet GPS tracking collar can effectively solve the problem of pet loss
Generally speaking, the difficulty of finding lost pets is mainly due to these three points:

1. There is no sign in advance, 2. It cannot be located, 3. There is a blind spot in the monitoring.
The above three problems can be avoided at the source by using the Omi Smart Pet GPS Tracking Collar.
1. There is no sign before the loss.
Generally speaking, the Omi smart pet tracking collar can be equipped with an electronic safety fence, which is a safe area. When the pet crosses the boundary, the device will emit a burst to prevent the pet from getting lost.

2. Unable to locate and find
When a pet is lost, it is generally difficult to find it without a location tracker. The Omi smart pet collar has a built-in smart chip and positioning system algorithm, GPS+GLONSS+WIFI multiple positioning, and the positioning accuracy is generally <10m Range.
Accurate positioning is more convenient for precise pet lost location.

3. There are dead spots in the monitoring, and no pets can be found.
Generally speaking, when a pet is lost, most people in a hurry will choose to check the monitoring, but sometimes there are blind spots in the monitoring, and only a fixed area can be viewed, so the possibility of helping to retrieve the pet is not very large. Omi Smart Pet Collar allows you to view the playback of the pet’s movement and walking trajectory through the app, which can accurately capture the pet’s location and better retrieve the pet.

There is a saying that it is not too late to fix the problem. Only scientific preventive measures can solve the problem of pet loss at the root cause.