R&D Capabilities

Protrack is a leading provider of GPS tracking solutions. In addition to offering popular standardized products, we also design, manufacture, and customize tracking devices catering to various specific requirements.

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choose your vehicle tracker

Our GPS trackers work with every type of vehicle. Easy-to-install and even easier to track vehicle routes, you can easily keep tabs of your entire fleet with Protrack GPS tracker.


Multi-functional vehicle tracker

  • 2G Network

  • Ignition Detect

  • Remotely Block Engine

  • SOS Panic Button


4G GPS vehicle tracker

  • 4G LTE

  • Smart Security

  • Convenient Remote Control

  • SOS Panic Button


OBD vehicle tracker

  • 4G LTE

  • OBD Port

  • Built-in Vibration Sensor

  • Battery 3.7V/55mAh

choose your asset tracker

Our GPS trackers work with every type of asset. Easy-to-install and even easier to track your assets, you can easily keep tabs of your entire assets with Protrack GPS tracker.


Wireless GPS tracker

  • 4G LTE

  • Battery 3.7V/10000mAh

  • Compact And Versatile

  • Durable And Resilient


Asset GPS tracker

  • 2G Network

  • Long Battery Life

  • Portable Or Mounted Usage

  • Water Proof And Against Dust


Mini GPS tracker

  • 2G Network

  • Lightweight Design

  • Fast Installation

  • Tracking Anytime

Custom Your Own GPS Tracker

From prototypes to products, we provide the best-customized products for you with efficiency and quality.

With multiple production lines, we are able to meet a wide range of production needs and customizations. Our design and R&D teams work closely together to quickly provide customers with products that meet their unique requirements.

Using Protrack Service To Take your business to the next level

Free Expert Consultation

We provide our partners with a diverse range of services and complimentary consultation services. Whether you require sales strategies, management solutions, or customized plans, we can provide you with the right program to meet your specific needs.

One-stop hardware and software solutions

We offer you one-stop software and hardware solutions. Through Protrack software platform, you can quickly connect to all your devices and assets, efficiently manage your business, fleet, and customers.

For both of devices and software, Protrack offers long-term warranty support, providing you with after-sales consultation and solutions anytime, anywhere.

OEM/ODM Support

With our in-house R&D, design, and manufacturing teams, we are able to customize both our software and hardware to meet your specific requirements. Based on your market and customer needs, we can provide tailored solutions and deliverables that meet your demands. Our multiple production lines allow us to respond quickly to your customization needs, regardless of the specifications.

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a great pleasure working!

It was a pleasure working with Protrack on first customized tracker project. They were able to successfully meet my client’s requirements, and the collaboration was seamless.

Bruce Sammy

Business Owner

User-friendly product

Our customers are very satisfied with the products as they are user-friendly. They were able to quickly adopt and adapt to the products, which has helped them to effectively manage their fleets. Thank Protrack.

Coke Rubin

Business Owner

scalable Tracker solutions!

Protrack’s software platform allows our tracking devices to reach their full potential, providing a comprehensive solution for managing your diverse range of assets on a single platform. It’s perfect.

Jim Dulc

Fleet Manager