With the impact of the epidemic, the shortage of chip raw materials in the market has become more and more serious. Taking the GPS/GSM chip MT2503, a common GPS chip, as an example, since MediaTek has adjusted its production capacity to focus on 4G and 5G, the traditional 2G production capacity has been reduced by half. As a result, the MTK2503 series of chipsets on the market are seriously out of stock, and the price of the chips has skyrocketed several times in a short period of time. Compared with mobile phones or other high value-added electronic devices, GPS trackers cannot continue to hedge against the rising costs due to their industry scale and profits. Por lo tanto, more and more manufacturers began to use other solutions to replace. In the early stage of replacement, there will be more problems that need to be verified. In order to adhere to the consistent quality commitment to customers, Protrack still insists on using high-cost MTK chips and does not pass the cost increase to customers. After this transition, the other solutions are stabilized and then adjusted according to the feedback.

The average service life of Protrack equipment on the platform has been observed for more than 5 years, (enough to cover financial installment businesses such as auto loans.) Protrack believes that insisting on product quality and reputation are the core elements of enterprise development.