In the early morning today, 5:00 a.m GMT+8,April 24th
All apps are crashing except Google Maps application itself, Maps-first applications are totally useless at that moment.
Here is the issue being tracked by google,

Many apps developer didn’t realize what happened because they did nothing release just before that.
Many GPS tracker provider and platform service provider are following with that at the first time.

Apparently even huge company like Google will have coding issue sometimes.

Protrack team got this feedback at very early time around 4:30 a.m local time, and team members woke up to check thisand got the exact issue.
Before google solve this bug, here is Protrack advice to tracking app users,

Go to your cell phone, following belowsteps,

Ajustes –> Apps &Notifications –> Apps -> Protrack ->Storage -> CLEAR DATA, CLEAR CACHE
And restart your app

We think this will be going to resolve in next 2 hours by Google.

Posted by Protrack developers