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Starlink indicates can be reverse-engineered to work like GPS

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Update time : 2022-11-11 10:58:24

A group of scientists from the College of Texas Austin (UTA) have revealed the Starlink broadband constellation's prospective to function as a back-up for GPS.

The scientists, led by Todd Humphreys and moneyed by the U.S. Military, analyzed the downlink indicate framework of the SpaceX Starlink constellation of ultrafast broadband satellites in low-Earth-orbit (LEO), reported MIT Innovation Evaluate. The group revealed that Starlink might function as a helpful back-up to GPS.

For the previous 2 years, Humphreys' group at UT Austin's Radionavigation Laboratory was reverse-engineering indicates sent out from countless Starlink web satellites to ground-based receivers. Humphreys informed the evaluate that routine sign indicates from the constellation, developed to assist receivers get in touch with the satellites, might develop the basis of a helpful navigating system.

SpaceX chosen not to take part in the research study.
If it can become a reality, it will be a huge development impacting the ecology of the gps market.
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