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What is chartGPT?

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Update time : 2022-12-09 17:36:27

ChatGPT is a chat robot developed by OpenAI in the United States. They are said to be able to write stories, solve math problems and write theoretical papers.
As well as programing code.

At the end of November, OpenAI made two updates to this robot: on November 29, a new model called "Text-Da Vinci-003" (text-Da Vinci-003) was released, and on November 30 it was released The second new feature: "Conversation" mode.
These two schema updates enable ChatGPT for fine long text writing and realistic human-computer interaction. Such an update makes the powerful ChatGPT more impressive than its predecessor, and even "scares" some users, including "former boss" Elon Musk.

Thanks to GPT-3.5, ChatGPT improves the ability to answer fluently after training. GPT-3 only predicts the text after a specific word string, while ChatGPT tries to interact with users in a more humane way. ChatGPT's interactions are generally smooth, allowing you to engage in a wide variety of topics, showing a huge improvement over chatbots that were only available a few years ago.

According to OpenAI officials, ChatGPT was created and trained with the help of humans, and human trainers ranked and rated the way early versions of the AI answered queries. That information is fed back into the system, which adjusts the answers based on the trainer's preferences. This is the standard way of training artificial intelligence, known as reinforcement learning.


How powerful is ChatGPT?

Some people let it write lines for soap operas with comedians such as "Friends" as characters. The results are very realistic, and it is not a problem to explain extremely professional scientific concepts. It can even write some basic academic articles.

ChatGPT also has a great feature to answer basic and boring trivia questions. This has led many to believe that such AI systems could one day replace search engines. Chatbots are trained based on information gathered from the web. So being able to present information accurately and provide feedback in a more fluent and conversational tone would represent a huge improvement over traditional search.

At the same time, ChartGPT can also help traditional websites to do better optimization work and edit more scientific and accurate articles. For example, our website needs a lot of articles about GPS, GPS Tracking Devices, GPS Trackers, GPS Tracking Platform, 4G GPS Devices Keyword articles, then we can use it to continuously output website content. It can also assist programming and help us optimize the code problems in GPS Tracking Platform.

Of course, who will be responsible for the accuracy of the content generated by ChartGPT will be another question that needs to be considered.
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