Huawei released the new Mate50 at a media conference held on September 6. The Mate50 will be one step ahead of Apple and provide emergency text messaging services through satellite communications supported by the Beidou system. Satellite communication is one of the test items before the mass production of the iPhone 14. Apple has completed the hardware test of this function. The satellite communication of the iPhone 14 mainly provides emergency SMS/voice services.

The Beidou satellite system is the third mature global satellite navigation system independently developed by my country after the US GPS and Russia’s GLONASS. Short message communication is a special feature of Beidou. When there is no signal on the phone, as long as there is a Beidou terminal, you can send the location and what you want to say to the SOS by SMS. Previously, MediaTek has demonstrated the satellite communication function of 5G on mobile phone hardware. The efforts of MediaTek and Huawei further prove that satellite communication is likely to become a must-have function of smartphones including iPhone in the future. The increased frequency of natural disasters and geopolitical conflicts in recent years may make emergency text/voice services via satellite communications a must-have feature on smartphones.

Beidou satellite technology has been maturely used in GPS tracking and GPS location services, and satellite phones will gradually become civilian in the future.